I spent a good part of 25 living like I was in solitary.

I lost the zeal to share, with the crowd or with friends. I enjoyed the good moments, and they were a lot, but I embraced the solitude otherwise. I burdened every opportunity to share with questions like “why”, “what does this do for you?”, “what do you gain from it”?

There’s an easier way to put this: I became a dead guy. 😂

It’s hard to talk about myself these days because I’m still figuring out what I want to be. As I self-identified on Quora, I’m “in the phase of life where I’m curious about everything.” These days, I spend a lot of time floating around in my head, debating for both sides in every argument.

I’m sure it’d be more entertaining if I told stories about driving fast, or my new experiences since leaving Lagos (temporarily), but for some reason, this is the story I want to tell; the answer to “Ope, are you like, really really okay?”

In one year, I’ve learnt much more than I expected about life. I’m “wiser”, but it cost me quite a bit of cheer. I know I’m sadder, but I’m doing good. My solitude is not harmful because I’m doing a shit ton of work, and I when I get too sullen, I take time out to enjoy my bimmer, occasional partying, great sex, good weed, you know… the stuff I could spin cool stories about if I wanted to.

I’m 26 today, (whoop!) and my theme song for this birthday, thanks to Drake, is Ratchet Happy Birthday. You can play it on my behalf.

I’m glad I was able to finish this, I deleted it a couple of times. Now to get facking high all day and maybe make some new birthday friends.

PS: The “wife ordained by the lord” prayers are getting high-intesity, and so if you are a prayerful person that cares about me and what I want, I need you to counter my mum’s prayers. Thanks in advance, xx

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Real crowd pleaser

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