This is great. My friend Clara also sent me an email outlining flaws with how I see relationships. I want to clarify some things though.

Everything in my post was a projection of myself, speaking mostly based on my past relationships.

I don’t view women as people you have to drag along or a burden to carry. Whether they ask for it or not, the relationship becomes something I get obsessed with nurturing.

I want to travel with people I date. I decide to no longer entertain other people, even casually. I put their happiness above mine, as I feel the need to make sure they’re always happy. I take their sadness and own it. I take their problems and tackle them. I feel odd when I don’t speak with them in a day.

What I’m saying is, I know who I become in a relationship and at the moment I don’t want to be that person.

Relationships are a different dynamic. My closest friends for the past couple of months have been Timi Ajiboye and Ezra 'God' Olubi. I don’t feel the need to tell them everything or speak with them every day. I don’t feel the need to log in with them every time I go out. I don’t see them for months at a stretch, and it doesn’t affect “us” in any way. We don’t get so close that they start asking me whether I plan to marry them in the future.

Romantic relationships are about that for me, and many people. Yes, I know all these things are not forced but come from a place of love and adulation. But, can I be excused for a while?

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