The Non-sharing economy

Paranoid by design and training

I grew up in a middle class home. We were taught to be careful and to second-guess everyone. You never know who’s an ill-wisher, so, never talk about big plans or let people into your space and for god’s sake keep quiet in public.

I hear it’s the same for rich people. Also, poor people.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve belabored how Nigerian designers and developers prefer to work in silos. In fact, I created Devcenter because I wanted to overturn this. I realize it’s mostly the same for startups and businesses, and maybe it’s in how we’re taught to think about other people. Or not. But I’ve been thinking about it.

A week ago or so, I had a conversation with Oo Nwoye I’ve not been able to shake off. He mentioned how Indians have been able to create a support system for each other, pulling themselves all the way up to prestigious CEO positions. He mentioned how new YC people (Nigerian companies) should not have to go through all the stress we alumni had to go through.

Right after this, I read this Watsi Report that shares their challenges this year, and since then I’ve been haunted to share more of my work with Paystack, as against just chat shit on Medium.

I believe sharing and transparency is a continuous effort. For now

  1. I created a publication for Paystack on Medium. We’ll probably be moving the blog here. The plan is to move existing content here, and try to prod everyone to share our challenges in the hopes that it helps someone. Please epp and follow.
  2. I created a Dribbble team page for Paystack. We’re currently working on a website refresh, and over the next couple of days I’ll share some of the work I’ve been doing and write about the sites that have inspired me.
  3. I’m willing to help. As long as I’ve not burned out, I’m willing to help any Nigeria startups comment on design, code, and generally give advice from my plastic throne. Just tweet at me @fathermerry, or email me at

I hope I don’t look back months from now and laugh at my naive intentions.

Real crowd pleaser

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