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The first week I got here, I had to open a bank account. Ezra mentioned it was a good experience, but how good an experience can opening an account be, right? We get to the bank and we ask for a familiar face, Lady Y. Lady Y is out for lunch.

So Lady X asks if we’ll like to wait, or she can attend to us immediately. She says this with a smile, not a straight face that has the words “do you think I’m inadequate” written all over it. That’s a good sign. I like nice people. So we opt for Lady X.

She explains everything nicely, offers water, and doesn’t do that face cashiers do when they find out after all your fine dress, it’s small money you want to save. We have a few conversations about the town, and twenty minutes roll by. I didn’t even notice I had to fill forms.

And then it was all done. It was like speed dating (for twenty minutes), and she gave me her email address after, in case I had any problems with my account. To top it all up, the manager comes downstairs to make sure I’m satisfied. On top small bank account.

It’s easy to offer shitty customer service in Nigeria. This is because

  1. It’s a struggle living through every day. Six hours in traffic and two hours on a fuel queue and you expect me to smile at every Lukaku?
  2. We really hate disrespect. Many people see others that offer them services as lesser beings. So when we offer services, we make sure they can’t disrespect us — by countering disrespect with terrible service.
  3. Do you know who I am? Everyone is one dirty look away from being rude. Who are you to be giving me those dirty eyes? Yah, we’re very notorious for pride without substance.

We decided to be none of that. We‘re learning from every great sales experience here to treat customers well, attentively and equally. So far, the customer service team (every other person on the 4-man team but me) has been really putting in the work.

I’ve done a few replies though, and I’ve been learning to be very attentive. Regardless of whether you’re just a little guy from Covenant trying to put some stuff together, or a big shot we’ve been hunting, if I’m needed for some help, I’m on to it as soon as I can.

It’s not straightforward, and we’ll probably drop the ball a couple of times. But we’re invested in making people happy to use Paystack. So, every time someone is surprised that we responded in time, it makes me a little happy.

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