T minus 8: I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in space. You can peek into the ISS or watch the Earth from their perspective on YouTube, but I know it can’t compare to being there. VR will bring it even closer, but even then…

T minus 7: For me, the biggest allure of space is the novelty of everything. It’s a demonstration of the sheer power of collective will and how far we can take curiosity and technology.

T minus 6: Back on Earth, zoomed into Lagos, I’m wondering about novelty, travel and isolation.

T minus 5: In the last two years, I’ve spent most of my money on rent, travel and accommodation. When I run the numbers and start to feel a little wasteful, I wonder why I’m always trying to escape.

T minus 4: I travel because I like to experience and learn from new people, cultures, conversations, etc. independently. Novelty is really really stimulating for me, but also equally important is isolation.

T minus 3: So far I’ve lived in various apartments with my family, other students and friends. When I travel is usually the only time I really get to be by myself in a space larger than my room.

T minus 2: I’m eager to live alone, control my own space, and experience a multicultural life, so I’m spending a lot to figure it out. I know this is not a panacea for my discontent, but it’s where I want to be.

T minus 1: The people on the ISS must have such a beautiful experience of the world, but the cost of that life is being away from everyone they love. Thinking about life on the ISS makes me wonder where my need for novelty and isolation stops and where familiarity and intimacy start.

Liftoff: Would I join a space expedition? Probably not. I couldn’t completely remove myself from my life. But, I’d like to go to space someday at least. I think it’ll be amazing. 🚀



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