It’s the last day in February, and time to check up on those goals [Whoop, I sound like such a driven guy]. True to character, I planned six months ahead from January but in usual fashion, when I’m in Lagos everything tumbles. I get super busy but never really do anything other than spend money and average my way through work. I was reflecting, and I decided to type a public reminder.

Yo Ope, remember to:

  1. Stop all side projects
    A few more weeks to go bruv, and I’ll be truly free.
  2. Run to lose weight
    14 out of 28 days this month, total of 50km! Also, I bought a basketball and am learning to play.
  3. Learn something new with work
    Man, I bought two courses on Udemy — on VueJS, just need to make the time.
  4. Teach what you know
    I got the company to pay three people so I teach them design. I’m trying really hard and they don’t make me feel terrible.
  5. Publish regular research into digital design and how it affects the average Nigerian
    I’m worried this is just an obsession borne out of satisfaction. But I’ll hold on to it — just in case I’m truly driven.
  6. Cook
    Sigh. We haven’t even bought gas. I’m going to try to learn to cook something new in March at least.
  7. Go to East Africa
    Already planning and saving!
  8. Fix my guitar and learn a couple of hours every week
  9. Write regular articles
    Haven’t gotten the hang of this, but I’ve done a bit of writing. I need clearer mornings, so I can focus and write.

The only thing I’ve really been able to keep up with is exercise and running, and I really need to do better generally. Not to sound like a thought leader or a (the gods forbid) motivational speaker, but you should probably check how far along you are too.

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