𝟙 The word “autodidactism” means self-education: learning without the guidance of teachers. Pretty much all the software developers and artists I know are autodidacts, self-taughts.

𝟚 One big problem with the self-taught school is that very often, it closes too early. A lot of us stop learning once we know enough to do the work.

𝟛 e.g. at some point, I considered myself a Javascript developer”, but that was never true. I hadn’t spent enough time learning Javascript—the scripting language itself. I knew how to build functional apps with some fundamental Javascript and the Angular framework, but that was it.

𝟜 I want to try out a formal process for learning new skills: read some history, understand the core concepts, structure the learning, regularly test for progress, participate in conversations, contribute to it.

𝟝 Long and short is: my self-taught school is going academic.

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