A few months ago I wrote about my system for managing side projects, the point being that I’d found a way to juggle multiple things without burning out. Well, it hasn’t been going as imagined.

I’ve been working on Dotch and Feel Good for months now, Hanky Panky for a year and Sharades for even longer. I’ve spent three months making on a one-pager for a friend and it’s still not done. Even the work I finished, Cover Bank and The J Guide, took too long and ended in a compromise. I’m struggling to be helpful at NOMAD. There’s a backlog of ideas I haven’t done anything about, and sometimes it feels pointless to have new ones.

It’s all a little too much.

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

The only way I can possibly work on so many things is if I have a partner to set goals, coordinate people and take responsibility for each project. But I can’t afford to just hire people. I can bootstrap my projects for a while but I have to make money to sustain them ultimately.

So I’m slowing down and taking it one at a time. I’ll hire or find an ops partner for my projects, starting with Wuruwuru. Last week, I put out an ad on Twitter for an editor and the responses have been encouraging.

My focus in Q1 is to hand off operations to them. This should be fun.


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