I’m writing this on the train. It has to be short, else I won’t finish it. Right now, I’m thinking of what I want to share with words that I haven’t already shared with snaps [The need to share one’s fun life is so consuming].

Everyone of my friends thinks I’m having the best time of my life. They’re right, but not in the way they think. It’s in what I share, I’m sure. They see the pictures and videos of food, the awesome new apartment, the light exhibitions, NFL experience trips, being in the obodo. And they reply me with “you’re enjoying nah” every time I holler.

Most of my adventures have been artistic though. Going out for fun has been piss poor. The drinks have been way more impressive than the experiences. I miss people — actual friends and people I can drag around. I need to make local friends and trying is getting exhausting.

However they’re right, cos I’ve never been more at ease than here. No worries about electricity or internet, no need to drive or get frustrated doing that. I had more money back home, but that came with way more stress. Lagos is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it. Here I don’t care how much I have cos I won’t outspend it. My major concerns are rather how to ignore the excess of food laying around, and go to the pool and gym more frequently.

I’m able to focus, think about stuff holistically. I’m able to really design and apply design thinking. I’m able to engage in deep product thinking, and dabble in customer service. I’m able to learn and grow now, when the cloud of hustle and frustration has cleared. I’ve attended product design sessions, I’ve seen companies and product designers I obsess over, and even had discussions with some.

This is only the second week. I fear it’ll be hard to let go of this life by the third month. And yeah, I just decided to write one article every time I’m on the train. Oh my god, you read this whole thing? Thanks thanks.

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