Do you ever sit and think — damn, I get to experience some of the most amazing people roaming this planet today? Cos I do.

I’m surrounded by kind, smart, interesting, funny, tasteful, ambitious and creative people who also happen to share a lot of my values. I know some super capable people with excellent minds.

Reflecting on how this has come to be, I can trace most people to either uni, Timi, Ezra or Paystack — and all because of the Internet. Everyone else is either family or people I met on the road.

The Internet has opened me to different worlds, and in each one I’ve found my tribe — over and over again. Social media and messaging apps also make it possible to carry those relationships over time and space.

Across all my connections — family, friends, followers, email subscriptions, work, the studio— I interact with thousands of people every year and probably have direct access to some 500+ of them.

For someone who dislikes “networking”, that’s fucking insane.



ope wuz ere

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