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This post was originally posted to the Paystack blog on February 5, 2016

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Paystack is the new way for Nigeria (Africa, eventually) to accept payments online. More than a year of work and a lot of experience in fintech, payments and user experience have been put together to answer the problems of accepting payments online in Nigeria.

We’ve brought a fresh new look and a simple user experience to accepting money online in Nigeria. Here’s what you get when you use Paystack:

Great Payment Experience

The ease with which your customers pay you online is an extension of your service/business. Easier payments equals happier customers. This can be a great advantage to convert your customers from pay on delivery to online payments. With extensive security built in, paying on Paystack is optimized to be as quick and easy as possible! You can try a demo.

Easy Setup

  • No initial fees, and so you can jump right into Paystack
  • Use test keys to run demo transactions if you’re just curious.
  • Whether you’re a developer or not, you can get Paystack running in a very short time. The dashboard is designed to guide you through the simple setup process.
  • Developer documentation is concise and constantly improving.
  • And soon, we’ll be launching Payment Pages. With this, you’ll be able to accept payments in one minute without writing any code. Really.

Complete behind-the-scenes

  • Modern, easy to use Dashboard that works on mobile
  • View all your transactions and collections and query them easily. Go as deep as possible
  • Customer summaries. See more about your customers and how they’re paying you

Quick, Responsive Support

We’re also constantly available and very responsive for support and questions. We’re all for making payments as seamless as it’s meant to be — for you, your developers, and your customer. We’re taking feedback, and constantly improving the product to make this happen. We’re convinced this is the right choice for your business or service.

Try Paystack now —

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