In a general sense, this message is for you.

Yes, it would have been way nicer to personalise this and mention your name, and every way you were good to me and part of my life this year, but that’d take so long to write, and I need you to get this message.

I can’t forget you.

This year was defining in a way that morphs a person. I won so much, I lost so much. The highs and low were contrasting, the lessons were immense. Figuring out how to earn, how to live on my own, how to love - requited 0r not, how to owe, how to learn, how to put myself out there, how to deal with loss, debt, suffering, loneliness. How to manage happiness, travel, have fun, organise events and manage people. How to grow up. How to stay a child.

And you were there, somewhere.

You were maybe the one I stayed over with, or called for minutes, or cuddled and kissed, or went out with, or borrowed from, or explained my life to, or travelled with, or learned from, or worked overnight with, or something.

But somewhere in this long year, it was you that mattered. And maybe you didn’t think about it that way, but in any of those moments, you were everything to me.

So when you think back at the things you did in 2015, you can add being a part of my life. Thank you for an unforgettable year.

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