If you have any ideas…

Is it this hard to make something useful?

I spend a lot of time on the internet looking up new web products, same as many other designers and developers here in Nigeria too, trying to apply new knowledge to our immediate world. We’ve built quite some apps too, the collective lot of us. Yet we’ve been unable to make any small projects that are widely useful. The popular successful websites require a shitload of business and logistics and more often that not the technology is just an enabler, a through-the-screen abstraction to let the users access the massive work done behind the scenes.

But why?

In my musing, I considered the popular rituals of the country; accumulating luxurious stuff and buying things we can’t afford, getting married every other day, attending religious services. Can’t we build something around these activities that’ll be extremely useful without having any physical logistics and underlying business foundations?

If you have any ideas to spare, get at me opemipoaikomo@gmail.com

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