I really hope you get to read this letter

There’s a couple of things that hold me back from writing.

  1. I don’t know what’s “interesting” enough to write about
  2. I’m not sure anyone’s going to read my posts [Sometimes, I argue I don’t need to write for anyone but…]
  3. In case people are paying attention, what would they like to read? :pensive:
  4. I don’t think my thoughts are, by themselves, cohesive or complete enough to warrant being written

I was in Ghana a couple of weeks ago and I was smart enough to go over to MEST to meet with Emmanuel Quartey. We had such a fun conversation, and he holds me in high regard, which is super flattering. He’s also sure I should write more, and so I haven’t been able to completely put it off since our conversation.

This is me, writing.

  1. It’s 6:54am and I’m currently looking through all Ideo’s case studies. This is not the first time, but I find myself coming back.
  2. I’m also trying to get a friend to send me a picture of her boobs. She has a perfect pair, and she thinks I should write about them.
  3. I’m the sole designer at Paystack, and I’ve been worried I’m not paying enough attention to:
    a. Create new shit
    b. Employ good people
    Even though I actually get my work done all the time.
  4. This is because I’m involved in a load of other shit. Which I should write about — doing too much shit.
  5. I just skimmed through this post and wrote Freedom after speech, I can’t assure you as the title. I’ll probably change it.
  6. I’m also the product head / cofounder at Devcenter and we’ve been going through a very interesting phase where it’s becoming a real company as against my side project.
  7. I get 10–20 job requests in a month I can’t do, and it’s incredible to be building something that can handle that and actually close the talent gap.
  8. I want to write about design, my inspiration, and my experiences being persistently single, happy, unstable and well-to-do.
  9. I’ve been to 11 cities this year across Nigeria, the USA, UAE, Ghana and Kenya.

I think I’ll stop here.

PS: I also think Ive found an incredible way to write. By putting down a list of things in my head, I can sort of draw things I can write about. For example, here I have

  1. Designing Paystack
  2. Building Devcenter
  3. Designing for Nigerians
  4. Travel and new experiences
  5. Boobs
  6. Big design companies and my love-hate for them
  7. My new website
  8. Cruncher, and side projects
  9. Not being about that Dating Life

I could as well just write a medium post about how I’ve absolutely hacked the writing process and this is the holy grail for fixing writer’s block.


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