How long will it take for it to pass?

I’m not the sensei on depression or the “I was there once” town crier, but… I was there once. When I was here in Sunnyvale earlier in the year, I lost all self esteem, I spent days and nights coding / designing / tweeting. I hated the loneliness. I was not the life of the party anymore, and that sucked. Worse, I couldn’t even make one friend locally, and some people ran from us in the hallways.

But then it passed, and I healed in Lagos, and then I got tired of Lagos, and now that I’m here again, it feels much better. I don’t focus on being lonely here because I know I’m here for a while and my life is better outside of here. So I focus on the reason why I’m here, and find pleasures in the most ridiculous things — food, work, gadgets, cartoons.

I hope you have little things and people to hold on to, maybe that will help.

PS: It’s not attention-seeking, it’s reaching out. And your friends & family are welcoming. I am as well.

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