1. The last thing that made you smile

A friend. A friend’s joke.

I’ve always wanted to be carved like a god, a simmering hunk of black sexiness, the human at the receiving end of a thousand ogles — every day. Unfortunately so far, it has been too much to ask of my discipline to devote to working out. Instead, I’m rocking a classy paunch, holding my tummy muscles hostage as I subconsciously suck my belly in— every day. The thing is though, when I’m unclothed, I look like I could be buff. I have nice athletic legs and a pretty decent frame. So as I walked out of the bathroom this morning, my friend looked up at me and said “Ope, you look like you could be fine. Like, if you just stretched yourself a little you could actually be a fine ting. If you just reached out, you could grab it. Unfortunately, you cannot.”

2. A secret

I have a lot of anxiety, for a self-proclaimed extrovert. I’m anxious about someone being in my space, or being in another’s. Being the archetypal life of the party also stresses me the fuck out. I’m anxious about conversations with people, driving through crowded areas (Ojuelegba haunts me), and I carry a lot of sexual anxiety too. Surprise?

3. The last thing you wrote

-off. A miserable pot of stew with a bad batch of chicken in it. This question is supposed to be about writing, but I’m going to derail it. It’s very interesting to be a rookie at something so many people are good at. Even the basic things are rocket science, because I forgot to put some chicken I bought in the fridge overnight. You see, I’m only just learning to cook. Instead of trashing the avian, I put on my chef hat and decided to save the chicken from its morbid stench. My attempt involved rinsing it (repeatedly), then boiling it (without enough spices), then frying it (still didn’t taste great), and finally deciding to make stew, so I could soak it all up and give it spice. I ended up boiling away half the stew, and still didn’t have any flavor in the pot. Should have dumped the chicken earlier.

4. Favorite city

This is easy. I’ve been in 21 cities across 8 countries, miserably far from the number of countries I want to see. But so far only a few cities have ever struck a chord. Cities like Chicago, Abuja, Kigali and Nairobi have been able to engulf me in a sense of belonging, as though my being there had been done before by a previous iteration of myself. These cities sold me a feeling of home, and yet that feeling paled compared to the experience of being back home in my favorite city, Lagos.

5. What you’d place in a time capsule

When I thought about this, I wondered what personal effect of mine would be worth preserving for a future civilization. I imagine this future being like a sci-fi movie, complete with Micheal Bay-esque world-destroying explosions, and a main character kicking her way through evil cyborgs to save the apocalyptic remains of the world. What could I possibly possess that she would love to find preserved in a time capsule? What emotions would I want to evoke in our hero, that’d help her defeat the previously insurmountable villain? This meme…

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I struggled to write this article so I can keep up with writing at least one post every month this year. This writing was inspired by an article on a site I was looking at for inspiration. Thank you wildness.

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