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The last time I kept a diary was the first few days of NYSC, two years ago. Like many other things — working out, eating healthy, drinking — I did it religiously for a while then got tired. I’m sure a period of my life will come when a diary will be needed to get through, yet again. Until then.

Many times I’ve mentioned that when I’m in Cali, there’s no feferity. The last couple of days have been quite the unexpected though.

Last week, I decided to double down and push the new website on Monday (Nigerian time). I’d been working on it for a month, having to push other stuff too, and I was tired. I just wanted it to go. So, I told Shola that I was going to push it live — complete or not. He mentions there’s an article going out same day about our raise. Ah well, great timing.

Sunday evening, and the whole gang was in the living room. I opened up browser windows for the medium articles I wrote, cross checked the site with Ez, set up my editors and all the services we use for deployment, ready to fix bugs for the next couple of hours. Then I pushed everything live.

The next couple of hours were odd. One person after the other messaged — comments, bug reports, and nice remarks. It felt good at first — the feedback was from my small circle, and it seemed like my sleepless nights brought some reward. Then the fundraising news went live, and notifications wilded out.

Tuesday evening, I was trying to catch up with the job applications. Because of my experience getting ignored when I sent out emails to companies last year, I intended to reply every one personally. By the time I got through the first seventy, I couldn’t do it anymore.

Also, waking up to plenty emails and not being able to mark all as unread was making me really miserable. So, I get on the internet to play, as usual. I found a really cool site, and I shared it. A mistake.

You see, that’s the most retweets I’ve gotten on anything. Coupled with the job applications and company mentions my devices were alive. I, on the other hand, was dying.

By Wednesday, after freaking out for a while, I filtered my inbox and turned all notifications off.

I realize this is a tiny fraction of the attention many people get every day, but if anything this little publicity has reaffirmed that I d0n’t want to be a famous person. It’d drive me mad.

Right now, all my notifications are read. I’m getting ready to hop between cities and dust my Snapchat.

I’ve decided to send a message to every company that answered my cold emails last year appreciating them, because I now see how hard it is.

I’m also going to hurry up in creating the filter for job and internship applicants. Once I do that, I can send out emails and everyone gets a reply.

Well… 🍻

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