📚 Books

A Little Life is my book of so-far-this-year. It was so long and painful that it takes a certain amount of masochism to get through. But I did because it was so beautifully written. I started in January and slowly, slowly followed Jude’s story until he died in April.

I’ve also read:

📺 TV

I signed up for Mubi at the beginning of the year to get niche film recommendations and so far I’ve seen 6/127.

I also saw a handful of shows/films on Netflix/Apple/HBO/Hulu that I can’t remember except for Central Park and WeCrashed.


I’ve been to the cinema twice this year. I saw the new Spiderman in January and then Parallel Mothers later.

Also went to the opera twice — Romeo & Juliet first, then Hamilton after, which was amazing!

📧 Subscriptions

I subscribe to 50+ odd newsletters and a random assortment of personal blogs on Medium and Substack but the ones I’ve enjoyed/learnt from the most so far this year are:

That’s it

I’m currently juggling Orbiting the Giant Hairball, Monocle 150, Kinfolk 41 and Things Fall Apart Illustrated.



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