It feels like “everyone” stopped blogging and I wonder why.

My first theory is that the Internet has become more unsafe. It’s harder to be vulnerable online because it can be used against you on social media. A lot of people journal but don’t publish because of this.

But also, writing is hard. It takes a lot of skill, time and effort, and it can easily feel like you’re not doing it right. It took a few weeks and multiple iterations to get this essay from a random thought into paragraphs.

This work used to be more rewarding but then social media happened. Apps like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are more exciting to be on, easier to produce stories for and designed for engagement. They’re simply more gratifying than long-form writing.

There’s also just no time. Blogging culture was cultivated by a generation of students and young adults who are now fully in the workforce. Nobody has the time to write and edit personal essays especially considering the difficulty slash vulnerability required.

Regardless, the case for blogging is that it’s a more intimate approach to public conversations, great for sharing well-considered ideas, and makes for better documentation (short of a YouTube channel).

Folks are getting married, moving to new countries, raising kids, losing parents, gaining friends, starting therapy, building companies, getting surgery, switching jobs etc. It’ll be nice to read about some of this.

I know people (like Chidinma, Saratu, Anthony, Osundolire, Cheta, Mo and Ginikachi) who still blog fairly regularly, but generally not a lot of people do.

Hopefully, this changes.

Bring back your blog.





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Real crowd pleaser

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