My most hilarious sexual experience yet was from a few years ago. I’d liked her for a long time and then suddenly, she was willing to do the sex.

I was so anxious. I didn’t trust my body or know what to expect. Very little in this life is as disappointing as being on someone’s case for years only to drop after four strokes. No no no.

Most of my longer bouts before then were intoxicated, so I figured that was a surefire way to go. I smoked and drank and got all ready. I was bursting with anticipation. …

I think I get it

Wuruwuru is no longer a team.

There’s no “we”. It’s just me making stuff with different people.

There’s no need to define what “we make”. It’s usually some random idea. It’s completely spontaneous.

The topics are not limited to internet culture in Nigeria. There’s no theme.

I can make whatever I want.

I need someone to design a microsite.

It’s called Cover Stories and it’s a series of interviews with people who make or collect album cover art. The first three interviews are with Niyi Okeowo, Duks and Funto Coker.

The project is essentially a landing page + 3 interactive essays.

I’ve tried out some ideas but we don’t need to use them. Prototype

The design inspiration for the project is Chromatic Joy.

I want to work with someone who:

  • is interested in graphic design and album cover art
  • can make a really fun, responsive reading experience
  • understands SEO and how to make the site rank well
  • communicates well and consistently

A huge win would…

This is № 2 in a series of stories about Paystack before the acquisition. Ezra flipped the switch on January 10, 2016 and wrote about it two days later.¹ In the months that followed, we lived and worked from 1281 Lawrence Station Road, Sunnyvale, Apt 475.

Many people wanted Paystack to work. Days after go-live, Abdul (wkyo) shared the news with other excited nerds on Radar. In the 98-comment thread that followed, Ezra fielded and answered questions with class 💅🏽.²

Radar was a safe space to say “this is broken” and Ezra would suddenly appear to explain or note the…

This is № 1 in a series of essays I hope to write about work at Paystack until the acquisition. I’m writing this because, well, I like to write. But also, looking forward, I’m compelled to reflect on how we got here as it happened to me.

My story starts with this email.

My 2013 website

I’ve always shared my work publicly and attracted goodwill because of it. Every job I’ve had has been because someone found my work on the internet: Chris Ogunlowo. Dika Oha. Timi Ajiboye. Lanre Oyedotun. Mayowa’s email was one in a series of first contacts that changed my…

Eseosa took over @wuruwurumag today. Curation is something I’ve always admired and now we’re doing it. I strongly believe in our collective taste so I have such a good feeling about it.

Tomiwa has started work on a new episode for The J Guide, Getting High. Essentially, what we’re doing now is that each Instagram Highlight is an episode drawn by a different illustrator. Getting High is a guide on how to properly inhale and the physics of getting high.

The first draft of the colour script for Hanky Panky also came in. There’s a lot of early feedback…

I love being naked. I love being naked with someone I find hot. I have a thing for hair and odd body details. I love PDA. Mirrors. Public sex. Impact play. Switching. Chiffon (Don’t ask). I’m actively trying to discover new kinds of pleasure and I’m glad to exist in a time when it’s okay, even encouraged, to experiment.


Real crowd pleaser

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