Sometimes, it’s tempting to think I’m a sad person. But I’m not.

Most of the time, I’m just chill. I’m thinking about work. Or planning something. Neither here nor there. And very often in fact I’m happy. When I figure something out. When I write. When I’m listening to music…

I’ve had some really weird dreams.

One time it was a soiree with the devil and his daughter in my mom’s room. Another time, it was an angel disguised as a beggar. …

I made my first website in 2012.

I’d just learnt how to write HTML & CSS and was eager to put my graphic design work on the internet. I called myself “an interface designer with a flair for advertising” because at the time I was interning with Kwirkly, a small…

“Where does it hurt?”


Onome opens the door and leads Adele into the room. She points to a red chaise against the wall and beckons Adele to sit.

The chair is striking, with attractive curves, expensive material, perfect stitching, a large throw and a comfy looking blanket.

The red…


Real crowd pleaser

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