15,000 naira airtime and 50 Nigerians walk into a whatsapp group

I decided to buy 15,000 naira worth of airtime, and share it to strangers in a whatsapp group. When I told my friends, they worried about my general well-being. In fact, Timi Ajiboye likened it to being a rich man messing with the water supply of a village for research.

I’m not rich, airtime is not water supply, and so I did it anyway. I honestly thought I’d learn something but I didn’t. The group kinda maxed out at 50 people, and I got tired of notifications so I left the group to the guys that helped me put the word out.

If you put 50 average Nigerian strangers in a whatsapp group though…

They will speak pidgin

Someone will advertise some scam to you

Some will write a long-ass 200 character essay and end it with “I know some people will not read this”

Someone will try to get you to add a whatsapp bot

Someone will try to be funny, and some people will find the humor

And eventually, they become roommates

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Real crowd pleaser

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